Industrial & Custom

The Harvest System is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that can be customised for many unique and critical applications where performance, reliability, and data integrity are a necessity. We have a proven track record in this field and would be happy to discuss your custom project in more detail. You can read about some of our custom solutions below.

Water Quality Monitoring

Our systems can be configured to include sensors for water quality monitoring. We have a range of sensors that can be used to monitor electrical conductivity, nitrates, dissolved oxygen etc. Common applications include monitoring for salt water intrusion or poor water quality in streams/rivers.

Contact us for more information on our water quality monitoring solutions.

Landslip (Rockfall) Monitoring

Harvest makes tilt (inclinometer) and displacement (movement) sensors for geotech monitoring of landslips, rockfalls, ground movements, deep-seated slope failures, mudflows and surface cracks.

After the massive 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake in 2016 Harvest Electronics were commissioned to monitor the landslips which had blocked the road and rail network for 50km (30 miles). The cliff faces adjacent to the road and rail were unstable so 50 base monitors and over 100 sensors were deployed to detect pending and actual landslips and rockfalls and send alerts during the three year rebuild to protect the workers and to prevent any trains from crashing into a new landslip.

The wireless tilt (inclinometer) sensors continuously monitor the angle and send instant alerts up to 500m to the base unit if the preset angle delta is exceeded. The displacement sensors use stainless steel draw wire sensors (string pots) to continuously monitor movement to better than 1mm. The sensors can be directly connected to a base unit or be installed up to 2km from the base unit using a Harvest XLR radio.

Contact us for more information on our landslip monitoring solutions.

Road Ice Monitoring

The Harvest System can also be utilised as a roadside weather station equipped with ice detection sensors. Please contact us to discuss this solution in more detail.

Custom Automated Weather Stations (AWS)

We have provided many customised AWS solutions both in New Zealand and around the world. Some of these include: a weather station on board the grounded ship "MV Rena" during recovery operations (see video here), and high altitude weather stations i.e. Whakapapa Skifield.

See our Weather (AWS) page for more information on our other AWS solutions.