Farm Monitoring & Control Solutions

The Harvest System is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution covering a range of applications, to assist with efficient management of resources and maximise return on investment. In most situations, our systems are totally standalone, utilising solar power and the cellular network to send data to the Harvest servers. Wireless UHF radio remotes can also be used to collect data from around the property. The live data can be viewed on a webpage using any computer or smartphone.

Water Monitoring

Harvest devices can provide real-time readings and configurable alarms for water and irrigation systems. Common applications include: flow meters (optional transfer of data to council), water tank level, well/bore level, pipe pressure, and pump control. Alarms (txt message, email, or voice call) can be set up for any of the measured values e.g. max daily water usage exceeded, low tank or bore level etc. Remote control can be a secure virtual switch on the Harvest web page or based on a measured value e.g. when max daily water usage is exceeded, pump shutoff activated.

Soil Moisture and Weather Monitoring

It is common for the ITU G2 Base Station (pictured) to be set up as a weather station. Parameters typically monitored include: soil moisture and temperature, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and solar radiation (for evapotranspiration calculation). Popular add-on services we provide are a Localised Forecast via Weather Underground, based on the readings from your sensors matched against a large network of weather stations and weather satellites; and Premium Service of soil moisture sites, with a calculation of irrigation required (mm) to reach Field Capacity for optimum pasture growth.

For even further reading about soil moisture sensing technologies, see the Irrigation NZ soil moisture monitoring booklet

Irrigator Tracking and Failsafe

Our Effluent Irrigator Monitor features a design refined over 4 years on dairy farms and offers a market leading monitoring and control solution, including automatic pump shutoff and alerts (see our Effluent Irrigator Monitor brochure for a list of features). The unit on the irrigator uses UHF radio to communicate with a second unit at the effluent pump, which is programmed to activate failsafe shutoff if any of the measured values cross a customised threshold e.g. low pressure, slow speed etc. The pump can also be controlled via a virtual switch on the Harvest webpage if desired. We also have packages available for pivot/lateral/hose reel irrigators.

Milk Vat Monitoring and Alarms

Monitoring and custom alarms for milk vats and refridgeration can be incorporated into the Harvest system, in most cases for no additional ongoing charges. Sensor options include: vat temperature, vat stirrer status, vat inlet/outlet tap, vat level, cooler plate in/plate out temperature, and boiler temperature. Typical alarms include: high milk temperature (vat), stirrer failure, outlet tap open during milking, vat has not been Clean In Place for X hours, boiler not reached 65°C in 24 hours, hot water entering vat, milk leaving cooler at x°C, and power failure.