Harvest Manhole Antenna

Harvest Manhole Antenna

Tough antennas designed for use on manhole lids even in heavy vehicle traffic locations. This antenna was designed for use with sewer and overflow monitoring units - sites where the telemetry is underground, and often covered with a steel manhole lid where you need an easy to install but effective above ground antenna. After several years experimenting and testing the Harvest team came up with the Manhole Antenna. They are sold worldwide and are the easiest to install manhole antennas. They have found other applications such as on the top of roadside cabinets where the customer required extremely vandal resistant antennas.

Key Features

  • Available in three versions, either 700MHz, 850MHz (North America) or 900MHz (rest of world+telemetry)
  • 700 frequency range (703MHz-803MHz, covers LTE frequency bands 12, 13, 14, 17 and 28)
  • 850 frequency range (824MHz-894MHz, also covers 858MHz ISM telemetry band)
  • 900 frequency range (880MHz-960MHz, also covers 915MHz ISM telemetry band)
  • 3dBi gain monoband tuned loop antenna
  • Low profile 120mm (4.72") diameter x 17mm (0.67") max height (same height as cats eye road marker)
  • Fits to a steel manhole lid with a single 10mm hole which can be drilled with standard cordless drill
  • Very rugged moulded urethane with M10 stainless steel coach bolt to withstand highway traffic
  • The antenna will survive in extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • 100mm (4") stainless steel coach bolt protects cable during manhole opening
  • Available in white colour
  • They come standard with either a 650mm or 1800mm RG58 coaxial cable and SMA male connector
  • Custom connectors and cable lengths available

Harvest Trailer Safety Chain Attachment

Harvest Trailer Safety Chain Attachment

One day the boss got tired of losing those little D shackles that most people use to connect their trailer safety chain to the car, so he got a Swiss engineer who worked here to design a latch out of stainless steel that looked tidy and worked well. It takes two seconds to attach the chain. Just pull up the knob, insert the chain and release the knob. We have sold many thousands of these and have had the units tested by Industrial Research in New Zealand. We only sell these by the box, so if you only need one please try your local automotive parts company.

Trailer Safety Chain Attachments are sold in boxes of 24. If you run a retail business and would like to sell these please contact us.

weBoost Cell Phone Booster Kit

weBoost Cell Phone Booster Kit

The only cell phone booster amplifier approved by Vodafone NZ.

The weBoost signal booster amplifier will make a dramatic difference to coverage in marginal signal areas. It typically increases the signal by two bars. So if you are in a poor signal area with one bar this amplifier will give you a reliable three bars. That is the difference between calls dropping out and very slow data to reliable calls and fast data speeds.

The vehicle signal booster amplifier consists of a padded cradle with adjustable arms that mounts with provided 3M tape to hold your phone. The small magnetic antenna goes on your vehicle roof. The thin cable goes under the rubber seal of one of your doors and then can be easily hidden between the windscreen and dashboard or under the carpet.

The unit is powered from a car cigarette lighter socket. You can install the unit with no tools in a few minutes. It can be uninstalled with no trace. In NZ there are multiple cellular frequency bands in use:

  • 700MHz - All carriers 4G only
  • 850MHz - Spark only
  • 900MHz - Vodafone and 2 Degrees 2G & 3G
  • 1800MHz - Vodafone and 2 degrees 2G & 4G, Spark 3G & 4G
  • 2100MHz - All carriers 3G (Mostly cities not small towns or rural)
  • 2600MHz - All carriers 4G (Cities and some small towns)

2 Degrees use the Vodafone network where they do not have their own.

The Vodafone and 2 Degrees version of the Weboost Cellular Signal Booster only works in the 900MHz and 2100MHz bands. The 2100MHz band is only used in cities but the 900MHz band is available on all Vodafone rural cell towers. The Spark version of the Weboost cellular booster only works in the 850MHz and 2100MHz bands. The 850MHz band is available on all rural Spark cell towers.

A booster will not work if there is no coverage at all. If you are in an area that will sometimes receive a text or occasionally get one bar of signal strength the booster will usually give you continuous reliable coverage.

Automatic Feedback Shutdown

The Weboost signal boosters have automatic feedback detection and shutdown. Feedback occurs when the external roof antenna detects signal from the internal cradle causing feedback like a microphone too close to a speaker. If the Weboost signal booster detects feedback it shuts down to protect the cellular network and the green light on the side of the unit changes to red. If this occurs move the cradle and antenna further apart and/or make sure that the antenna cannot see the cradle.

Harvest Electronics are sole distributors of this product in NZ. Reseller enquiries welcome.

SDI-12 4-20mA Relay Output Module

SDI-12 4-20mA Relay Output Module

The SDI-12 Output Module and IO Module can be used with any SDI-12 capable device as a means of adding additional digital inputs, relay control or an analogue output.

The Output Module can be used for providing an isolated 4-20mA current loop output and two latching relays.


SDI-12 Output Module

This module provides an isolated 4-20mA current loop output and two latching relays. It can be used to provide an analogue output to some external device such as a variable speed drive (VSD):

  • 2 relays
  • 1 4-20mA output

SDI-12 I/O Module

The SDI-12 I/O Module provides latching relays and digital inputs to an SDI-12 logger like the Harvest ITU.

  • 2 relays
  • 4 digital inputs